compassion - inclusivity - social impact

We are looking to partner with yoga studios and wellness centers across the US that embody these values. Through our collective efforts, we believe that we can support the TBI community to transform their healing process through yoga and meditation.

what are the Benefits of Being a studio Partner?

As a studio partner, you will join a compassionate collective dedicated to expanding access to the benefits of yoga and meditation. You'll have an important role in an program that is unprecedented for the TBI community despite the fact that over 2.5 million TBIs occur each year.  

  • Studio information listed on the LoveYourBrain website

  • Studio featured on LoveYourBrain social networking platforms

  • Create new community connections via LoveYourBrain's multifaceted outreach strategy

  • Receive ongoing support from LoveYourBrain

what is the cost structure?

We believe the success of our program relies on having well-trained and committed yoga studios and teachers. We value teachers' time and expertise, so we compensate teachers to offer our FUNdamentals series.   

  • LoveYourBrain compensates teachers $40 per class for the FUNdamentals series ($240 at completion of 6-weeks)
  • FUNdamentals series is free for survivors and caregivers
  • Studio discounts LYB friendly classes at $5, or donation-based

How Does My Studio Become a Partner?

Review the requirements for both partner studios and partner teachers. If you believe your studio is a good fit,
complete the studio partnership application.