Our programs are designed to build community, foster resilience, and help people understand the importance of loving your brain.


Resilience not recovery

Kevin’s TBI gave us a glimpse into a new world—one where many people affected by this injury are plagued by intense isolation and disempowerment. This revealed the need for programs to rebuild community and resilience for healing. We believe that yoga, unlike other physical and cognitive rehabilitation approaches, catalyzes a physiological and philosophical process where people can restore their connection with themselves and others.


Healing is not a solitary process, so we don’t treat it like one. Our programs are developed with both the individual with TBI  and caregivers in mind. The most effective path to a successful rehabilitation is through community, shared experiences, and support.


We are not only concerned with the healing process, but we are also advocates for prevention. We are committed to reducing the occurrence of brain injuries, whenever possible, through education and awareness.