RVC Sign Up

Do you want to sign up for LoveYourBrain Yoga at the RVC? Follow the steps below.

1. Fill out eligibility questionnaire

2. Read the "How it works" information

3. Go to the front desk at the RVC to fill out paper work and sign up.


LoveYourBrain friendly classes comprise of existing RVC gentle yoga and therapeutic yoga classes to maximize availability for participants.


To pay for classes, participants have three options:

  1. Purchase a purple swipe card of 16 classes at $5 each = $80 total

  2. Purchase a purple swipe card of 8 classes at $5 each = $40 total, with the option to renew

  3. Purchase classes individually at the front desk

To attend:

Before class, participants will go to the front desk and swipe their card (or pay for the class, if they do not have a swipe card). This way, the RVC can track how many classes each participant takes. At the end of each month, the RVC will run a report to identify the number of participants who took a LYB friendly class, and send an invoice to LYB to pay for the cost share (i.e., $3 per class).

To Check in:

All participants need to fill out the eligibility survey on the LoveYourBrain website.  Instructions will be provided about what to do when they arrive at the RVC. If participants arrive at the RVC without filling out the survey, they will be required to fill out the RVC waiver and check the box at the bottom "Have NOT taken LYB eligibility survey". When they arrive for the first time at the RVC, they will go to the front desk and fill out a liability waiver form and a short sign up questionnaire about their brain injury (LYB will design the sign up questionnaire). These files will be kept in a LYB folder at the front desk. Participants will get a white card that gives them access for unlimited yoga classes for 1 month. After month 1 expires, participants will be allowed to purchases a purple swipe card for 16 classes for $80. Before each class, they will go to the front desk to swipe their card. All white cards will be kept at the front desk so that participants do not have to remember to bring their card with them. 

Definition of “LYB friendly” classes:
 1) gentle and restorative yoga
 2) offers pranayama, meditation, and asana practices
 3) integrates tested themes and rituals
 4) draws on best practices for teaching the brain injury community
 5) led by teachers who have participated in LYB teacher training

We are currently developing the initial role out of this program through out the country so please check back very soon!

We are working to bring LoveYourBrain Yoga near you!

Contact us and let us know where you would like to see this program offered.