Simon pearce  Partnership


Kevin is Simon Pearce’s youngest son.  Since both the employees and customers of Simon Pearce feel very close to the Pearce family, the relationship between the two organizations is natural.  The Simon Pearce community always asks about Kevin and is eager to support his work with LoveYourBrain.  The glass collection enables them to do this.

About the LoveYourBrain/Simon Pearce Product

Simon Pearce is the oldest, large American maker of handcrafted glass. Made from the finest materials using old world techniques, Simon Pearce is lead free crystal designed for a lifetime of daily use. All glass is made in America.  

Kevin, Adam, and Simon Pearce all collaborate on the development of the LoveYourBrain collection.  The most recent introduction is a hurricane.  Since meditation is especially beneficial to people with TBI, they wanted to create something that encourages this practice.

How does purchasing this product support Loveyourbrain’s work?

Simon Pearce donates 20% of sales from their LoveYourBrain glass collection

To learn more about Simon Pearce, visit: