Jessica DeFeo, 200 RYT Vinyasa

Why do you teach yoga?

We all have our own uniqueness and situation in life. I teach because of that uniqueness – offering the idea that there are endless variations of poses that support our uniqueness and ultimately create our oneness.


Why do you think it is important to teach yoga to those affected by brain injury?

After an injury the brain and body have experienced an overwhelming amount of trauma. There are endless reasons why practicing yoga would be beneficial to anyone who has suffered a brain injury. To name a few: flexibility and strength, regain and maintain balance, creating and or gaining body awareness, self confidence and belief in oneself.


What do you think are the most important teaching qualities and approaches to incorporate when teaching those affected by brain injury?



What are the biggest challenges teaching those affected by brain injury?

Encouraging him/her to be comfortable with where they are and working with exactly that.