vermont juice company partnership

Why the partnership?

Nutrition is key to living a brain healthy lifestyle. Specifically, cold-pressed juice is packed with 5x the nutrients than your average juice because the process in which it is created minimizes and prevents exposure to heat and oxygen, which allows the raw nutrients and enzymes to stay alive and intact. Drinking pure vegetable and fruit juice is an extremely easy and efficient way to flood your body with an abundance of nutrients because it lacks fiber, which allows it to be very readily digested and absorbed.

How Does this juice improve brain health?

Brain Boost is a well balanced nutritious and delicious blend of fruits and veggies that all have wonderful brain-benefiting nutrients! Led by blueberries and beets, each ingredient has its own way of giving positive nutrients to the brain, promoting good blood and oxygen flow, fighting off inflammation and memory loss, protecting cells, and many more fantastic benefits! See ingredient list below for more details.

Juice ingredients? and benefits?

Blueberry:  Contains flavonoids, compounds which improve general cognitive function and memory. High in antioxidants, which fight against cell damage and increase brain signaling abilities.

Beet: Contains nitrates, which help open blood vessels, increasing blood flow to the brain, ultimately supporting brain function.

Lemon: The potassium found in lemon juice helps keep the brain oxygenated and performing optimally.

Cucumber: Contains B vitamins, which helps ease stress. Less stress = a healthier brain. Also known for their anti-inflammatory properties, specifically the antioxidant “Fisetin,” which helps enhance memory and nerve cell functions.

Apple: High in the antioxidant “Quercetin,” which protects the brain cells from oxidative damage (caused by aging or neurodegenerative diseases). Also helps increase neurotransmitter activity, improving cognition/memory.

Ginger: Ginger contains the compound “10-Gingerol,” which protects against inflammation and oxidative stress, helping enhance memory and prevent cognitive decline. Studies have shown that ginger helps minimize certain neurotoxins which affect neurotransmitter function -- ginger protects against this.


Currently at The Vermont Juice Company retail location: 

77 Main Street Burlington,

VT 05401,

or via VT Juice Co website  

Vermont Juice Company will donate $2 from each juice sold to LoveYourBrain. With plans to sell several thousand per year, and opportunity to expand into some possible local fitness/yoga studios etc, we expect a swell of support behind this mission.

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