Listening to your own truth is the ultimate practice of self-care. In turning inward, you tune into your inner truth, and in doing so, you honor yourself and your wholeness. For me, experiencing my truth is about being present in my body and mindful of each moment.

After my injury, I found myself on a very different pathway in understanding who I once was and how to approach each day. I struggled with my transformed brain and attempted to carry on daily activities as I always had, but everything was foreign. I was constantly lost, even in my own home. I struggled with word finding and memory, two things I relied on heavily in my professions of teaching and writing. I was an instructor who forgot the question that was asked before it was even finished, and a writer who was lost for words and often couldn’t finish a sentence.

Brain injury is life-changing, and often we come out very different than we were before. I was able to only truly start healing when I found ways to stay true to myself in each moment, understanding that everything is in flux. I am slowly writing and teaching again, but my process, pace, and the way I prepare has changed.

Here are some ways to bring Satya into your healing process and find your inner truth:

  • Acknowledge all of your accomplishments, no matter how small. Remember that there are no small things on your journey.
  • Be truthful with yourself by acknowledging what you can and cannot do in this moment.
  • This moment is key. Everything is temporary. Everything transitions and transforms. Be present for yourself in the journey you are going through. It won’t be the same next week or next year.
  • What makes you feel good? Do that. Remember to stay in the present. Do what nourishes you now, not what fed you before, because it may be different.
  • Be true to your healing process, and what you need. Use meditation as a time to settle your thoughts, find stillness, and inquire within to access your truth.