LoveYourBrain (LYB) Yoga is a 6 month program designed to supports individuals with acquired brain injury. This program fulfills the important need of supporting the increasing number of brain injury survivors who find themselves in the transition period after in patient rehabilitation.

Our goal is to help people with acquired brain injury strengthen and reconnect their mind and body through meditation and yoga. We believe this program will give those with acquired brain injury and their caregivers an affordable and empowering practice to help them thrive physically and emotionally. 

This program was developed following a two month LYB gentle yoga pilot program that was evaluated by Dartmouth College. Furthering our effort to brain injury survivors to participate in free yoga and meditation classes tailored to their specific needs.

We are partnering with yoga studios and fitness centers across the US to make our program accessible to as many people as possible.

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Our goal for the first year is to have 1,000 people participate in the program.

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LoveYourBrain is currently finishing up a 2 month yoga pilot program at the River Valley Club in Lebanon NH.  We are currently developing the initial role out of this program through out the country so please check back very soon!

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