loveyourbrain yoga


Our six-week gentle yoga program creates supportive spaces for people with brain injury and their caregivers to explore the benefits of yoga, meditation, and community. It is designed to empower you to move mindfully and connect with others with shared experiences. We offer our program in either yoga studios or brain injury rehabilitation facilities. Learn more and sign up below to discover your inner resources for learning, growing, healing, and thriving.

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Yoga studio 

If you have experienced a TBI (including concussion) or are a caregiver or support person, we invite you to join our yoga community!

Click on the button below to sign up for our program at a yoga studio in your community.

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Brain injury rehab facility

If you have experienced a brain injury or are a caregiver, and are in contact with a brain injury rehabilitation facility offering our program as part of their clinical services, we invite you to join our yoga community!

Click on the button below to sign up for our program at a rehab facility. 

what can you expect

“I signed up for LYB yoga by accident. This happy accident was the beginning of a part of my life that I truly cherish. I was so overjoyed to hear that I could attend six weeks of yoga classes with people that understood my injury. I desperately wanted to feel better and was excited to try this new option. Over my 12-year struggle with concussion, I had yet to be presented with an active recovery option. Most people tell you what you can’t do and LYB told me that I could do something, and it was tailor-made for me and my recovery!

While nursing myself back from concussions, trying new things or even revisiting activities has seemed impossible or painful. The normal arc of a day can cause immense amounts of pain in the form of headaches, nausea, dizziness, whatever symptom of the day my brain decided to trigger. That pain instills a fear of trying new things. So, I was nervous and wondered: how would yoga make me feel better? I reassured myself that a yoga studio was one of the only places in public guaranteed to be quiet, serene, non-judgmental—a really safe space. I thought if the class wasn’t going well, I could just lie on my yoga mat in the middle of the studio and, at least, be around people for an hour. Knowing how accepting yoga is, I unrolled my yoga mat for a try.

After the first class, I physically felt the same. For me, moving for an hour and feeling the same is absolutely huge! I could do this and not feel worse or slide backward in any way! My spirits were lifted! After two classes, feeling the same stretched into a breakthrough. I forgot for an hour that I had a concussion and all the pain and anxiety melted away. Forgetting the injury and the pain is like peeking around the corner at feeling normal, and LYB yoga was the sole reason I turned that corner of my last concussion. I also felt—for the first time in two and a half months—no headaches and completely pain-free. These classes have become the reset button for my body and my pain levels. It's absolutely incredible!”      - Sabra