LoveYourBrain Tip: Prove Them Wrong!





This week’s tip comes from Jeff Derraugh, an active member of our community and the father of TBI survivor, Connor Derraugh.  It’s important for caregivers to remember that the brain is extraordinary - so keep searching for new solutions and keep the hope alive.

“Neurologists and other medical experts are highly trained and valued, but don’t feel defeated if their prognosis appears to be negative. TBI victims are often given worst case scenario predictions by doctors, when in reality; the brain is so incredibly complicated that no one can truly make accurate forecasts on its recovery from injury.

We were told that the greatest degree of healing for our son would happen in the first six months, and that his recovery would taper down and at 2 years would basically end. However, 6 years later we’re still noticing improvements.

The brain is plastic, it will blaze new pathways, make new connections and continue to transform and heal as long as it’s challenged to do so. Create a positive healing environment for your loved one - surround them with positive people, positive vibes and positive attitudes. Explore safe alternative therapies. Never give up and never accept pessimistic opinions. Prove the experts wrong! The mind is proven to control the body and the brain. Gritty determination and positive expectations always lead to the best possible outcomes.”