LoveYourBrain Tips From Kevin: Yoga





I started practicing yoga in 2014 when a close friend invited me to a class. My friend thought it would be helpful for me to slow down; living with a TBI, I am sometimes overwhelmed with my busy mind and I’m always trying to keep up. Yoga allows me to slow down and be intentional, which welcomes more self-patience. It has hands down been the biggest proponent of calmness and joy in my life since I injured my brain.

It has encouraged healing both mentally and physically. Finding yoga and that ability to be exercising and be moving, but at the same time be meditating and be calm and be so relaxed and so mellow, has been so helpful and healing for me in the most amazing way.

Yoga and meditation came into my life at the perfect moment, when I needed it the most. I could have never imagined anything to be so calming and balancing as yoga and meditation. It is something that I practice daily; I find peace and pleasure at each session. For me, yoga is not about the individual poses, it’s about the entire practice and taking the time to find peace and coming into the most balanced place I can be.

It has changed my life in a way that I could have never imagined, so I want to share what I have found with the rest of the world. If you feel like you could use some time to focus inward, consider signing up for our July series of LoveYourBrain yoga classes here.