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Before you start, here are a few meditation tips:

  • Be comfortable. You can be seated or lying down, although lying on your back may make you feel sleepier. Feel free to use pillows or other props to help you feel at ease and relaxed.

  • Minimize noise or distractions. If you can, try to find somewhere quiet and less prone to interruption. But, it you hear a car honk or phone buzz, notice it and then let it go. It becomes part of your practice--you are in control of what you engage with.

  • Practice whenever feels right for you. This could mean in the morning when the mind and body rhythms are naturally quieter, or in the afternoon and evening when you want to take a break from the business of the day.

  • Recognize that thoughts will still dance around your mind, and that is normal. Meditation is a practice of coming back to your present experience without judgement. If you notice your mind has wandered, just return to your meditation with openness. That moment shows that you are learning to discipline your mind and arrive more fully into your practice.

  • Have fun with it. Meditation is, at its roots, a way to explore what it feels like to be you. We beat ourselves up enough about what we should or should not be, so here's an opportunity to JUST be. Have fun with this process and let us know what you discover!