Ed Cunningham

espn football analyst


Ed Cunningham played in the NFL for Arizona and Seattle and was a graduate of the University of Washington and member of the Huskies' national championship football team. He produced the Academy Award winning documentary UNDEFEATED, as well as THE KING OF KONG: A FISTFUL OF QUARTERS – the Sports Illustrated movie of the year. Ed also worked in live radio and TV for over twenty years as an on-air sports reporter and commentator, finishing his career at ESPN and ABC covering college football.


Share an experience that motivates you to share the loveyourbrain message

With two young sons interested in skateboarding, I am shocked how many skaters we see…especially in Southern California, where I live…with no helmets on. I let it motivate me as a parent to stay vigilant - if you are moving fast on any wheels, you wear a helmet.

What does love your brain mean to you?

Think brain first when choosing activities and also monitoring the play of two young, physical kids. Common sense goes a long way and there is always a way to modify or choose things that are fun without risk of major injury, brain or otherwise.

How do you love your brain?

I start with being aware and thinking ‘head down’ safety first…while I’m driving, when I’m jogging next to a child on their scooter, etc…because we do so much that puts us at risk of injury, and it is worth my time to be present and mindful whenever heads or bodies are vulnerable.