Who attends?

Our Retreat program is designed for adults with TBI and caregivers who are interested in participating in an interactive group setting focused on our core pillars of community, mindfulness, movement, and nutrition to promote personal growth and healing.

Individuals with TBI Eligibility Overview

  • Adult (18+)

  • Sustained a TBI (includes concussion)

  • Medically stable to participate in in a multi-day, overnight experience

  • Physically able to walk or use assistive devices for safe mobility and participation in gentle movement and yoga

  • Cognitively able to follow directions, communicate, and attend to group workshops

  • Able to regulate intense emotions

  • Available to attend entire event



Our retreats are a powerful opportunity for the loved ones of individuals with TBI to connect with others and learn about approaches to support their own wellbeing. To achieve this, we offer participants with TBI the opportunity to invite a caregiver to attend with them. Given our peer-support model, siblings and spouses, rather than parents, are best suited to attend.

Would this serve me?

In addition to the eligibility criteria, this experience may be most beneficial for those who are:

  • Eager to connect with others and contribute to a compassionate community

  • Interested in learning about and practicing mindful choices that promote wellness

  • Open to engaging in group discussions

  • Motivated to carryover lessons from retreat into daily life

What is the cost?

There is no cost to attend our retreats. Participants are responsible for their own travel expenses to and from the retreat, but once there we provide lodging, food, and activities. To fund the cost of each retreat and sustain the program so more people affected by traumatic brain injury (TBI) can attend, we rely on the group’s collective efforts to seek generous individuals and funders for their support. Each retreat participant is asked to join us in fundraising with a suggested goal of $1,000 (the true cost of each participant per retreat). This model enables LoveYourBrain to offer retreats at no cost to the participant and puts the participant in a unique position to help grow the retreat program and pass on their experience to others.

How do I apply?

When we have availability, our application form will be available on our website. Once reviewed, applicants will be contacted for next steps, which may include a video interview. All applicants will be contacted to be informed of our decision. Make sure to sign up for our newsletters and follow us on social media where we will update you with new retreats and availability.

What is a typical daily schedule?


Why is availability limited?

We are working to expand to different locations and partnerships, allowing us the opportunity to open more spaces to new participants. Our numbers will vary depending on the location and focus of each retreat. We will create as many spaces for participants as possible, while maintaining a group size that allows for us to offer the most meaningful program possible.

Will you host more retreats in the future?

Yes! It is our intention to expand our retreat program. We are interested in offering retreats at more locations, and with different focuses, to make these accessible to more people each year.