Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation by Kyla Pearce

Teaching meditation and yoga to TBI survivors has given me the truly special opportunity to support them to experience their mind as calm and focused and their body as creative and capable. This notion of just being is really important in the TBI healing process, where there is so much doing and trying and, sometimes, a feeling of needing to catch up. Meditation provides space to allow the body and mind to just be. The meditation I am sharing with you incorporates a mantra, sa ta na ma, that we will chant together. Mantras give the mind something to focus on to help it settle into the present and sound helps quiet the chatter of thoughts.

Kyla Pearce is the Lead Yoga and Meditation Teacher for the LoveYourBrain Foundation. She conducts LYB’s yoga teacher training workshops to enable other yoga teachers to learn how to tailor these practices for the TBI community. She is passionate about making yoga accessible to TBI survivors so that they can direct their healing one breath at a time.