Slow Down Meditation by Kyla Pearce

This meditation uses breath to initiate a relaxation response and transform our minds from a racetrack towards a more peaceful place. Our exhalation is our body’s built-in stress buster. It is tied to the part of our nervous system that supports us to feel more calm and relaxed. Research has shown activating this part of our nervous system improves our immune system functioning and overall wellbeing. For me, I find it unbelievably empowering to know that I can rely on my breath--instead of anything outside myself--to help me release stress and return to a more centered place.

Kyla Pearce is the Lead Yoga and Meditation Teacher for the LoveYourBrain Foundation. She conducts LYB’s yoga teacher training workshops to enable other yoga teachers to learn how to tailor these practices for the TBI community. She is passionate about making yoga accessible to TBI survivors so that they can direct their healing one breath at a time.