“At the LoveYourBrain retreat, I felt heard. That’s the best way to say it. I didn’t need to explain my TBI to anyone. The LYB community understood. They listened. They provided me practical tools and resources to navigate my unique recovery journey”
— Thom Mascia

A transformative holistic health environment

Our retreats support people with TBI and their caregivers to cultivate the resilient mindset, physical capability, and support system essential to their lasting wellbeing. Our retreats are intentionally designed based on our core pillars:

community | mindfulness | movement | nutrition

intentionally designed to foster resilience


Creating a stronger connection to oneself, people in their lives, and a broader social network.


Using awareness to cultivate a more compassionate, flexible, and accepting landscape of the mind.


Promoting physical empowerment, mental clarity, and realistic optimism.


Fostering a healthy relationship with food and a better understanding of its role in brain health and healing.

LEARN ABOUT our retreats

We offer two types of retreats for people affected by brain injury, including our LYB Community Retreats for people living with TBI and their caregivers and our LYB Caregiver Retreats for caregivers of people with brain injury.

TBI community RETREATS


Open to adults who have experienced a traumatic brain injury (including concussion) and caregivers who are siblings, partners/spouses, or friends.

We offer these retreats free of cost, and also invite participants to join us in fundraising (suggested goal of $1,000, the true cost per participant).

Caregiver RETREATS


Open to adults who are in a caregiving role of someone who has experienced a brain injury. They can be parents, siblings, partners/spouses, or friends.

These retreats cost between $300-$800 depending on location. We offer scholarships to ensure equity in access, and support people to fundraise.

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“Explaining a brain injury to people is difficult. It’s not like a broken leg that you can see and watch heal. It’s invisible. But at the LoveYourBrain Retreat there’s nothing to explain because everyone understands our difficulties and challenges because they live with them too. There’s this look in their eye that says, ‘I totally get it, I know exactly how you feel.’”
— Connor