Mindfulness of Breath by Sophia Da Silva Hopson


Today's practice focuses on using the breath as a tool to bring us into present moment awareness. This practice invites you to focus your attention on the sensation of breath occurring in your body. With this awareness, we begin to develop more patience, clarity, equanimity and presence. With presence we develop a greater ability to stay in the moment rather than get caught thinking about the past and future. We experience life more fully, learn from each moment and begin to see things  for what they are.


Sophia Da Silva Hopson is a yoga lover, student and teacher at MOSAIC Yoga in San Diego, CA. “ Yoga has taught me what it means to live deliberately, awakened and inspired. I believe that teaching is an act of service that embodies Maya Angelou’s quote, “When you learn, teach. When you get, give.” This is the quintessence of my core beliefs as a yoga teacher. My classes are a blend of mind/body integration and an emphasis on SOUL.